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    Warning! Some colors of Geko Pad by GEKO FEET® are on sale until the end of stocks of pre-series.

    Note: There is no technical difference, functional and / or materials from the pre-series and the final set. The differences will only concern the colors and logo absence.

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    Geko Pad by GEKOFEET® is the perfect printing surface for ABS, PLA, PET, PETG, HIPS, charged NYLON, PC, PU, T-Glase and many other FFF print materials.

    Geko Pad is made up with an innovative conception, it offers the maximum print adhesion thanks to its smooth surface which, once heated, reaches an elasticity such as to clamp the workpiece in a solid way.

    At complete cooling of the printing surface, the molded part can be easily removed; We recommend the use of a thin spatula with rounded edges in order to avoid cutting Geko Pad.

    Geko Pad has a calibrated thickness which guarantees a perfect flatness between the print plate on which it is installed and the print surface.

    For Geko Pad it has been designed a specific adhesive that ensures maximum grip on the printing plate; this adhesive, combined with the high thickness of Geko Pad, prevents the detachment from the printing surface, when high tensions of the molded part arise.

    By using Geko Pad you will forget the use of sprays, glues, tapes and other devices, while safeguarding the efficiency of the linear guides, fans, electronics; your only concern will be "start printing".

    STOP with de-laminated glass at molded part removal; also Geko Pad, makes it more secure the maintenance and the cleaning of the printing glass, avoiding dangerous detachments of splinters in case of breakage.

    Gecko Pad's installation is very simple: just remove the back foil, then place your Geko Pad on your printing surface, taking care to avoid the formation of air bubbles between the plate and Geko Pad.

    To get the best results, once Geko Pad has been installed,  we suggest you to heat the printing surface for about 30 minutes in order to polymerize the adhesive as well as possible.

    Before using Geko Pad it is necessary to wait the curing time so that the glue will correctly stabilize (minimum 24 hours, optimally 48 hours).

    Removing Geko Pad is very simple: Heat the printing surfce for and at least 90 ° C. uplift Geko Pad from one edge and peel it off (any adhesive residues can be removed with the solvent).

    We gave some Geko Pad samples to different print shops asking them to perform extensive "testings";  We received positive feed back - with our great satisfaction - beyond our best expectations.

    Geko Pad is provided in different precut sizes for the most common printing plates: it is always possible to adapt a larger format of Geko Pad to your printing table simply by cutting it with a sharpened blade after applying.

    We recommend to check the correct distance between extruder and Geko Pad material by material, avoiding being too close to the printing plate and avoid to swipe the hot nozzle onto Geko Pad.

    Geko Pad is produced in some specifically identified and selected colors, in order to give an immediate visual check of the first printing layer.

    Geko Pad is entirely manufactured in Italy; Become a "made in Italy" supporter.

    • Size 200x200
    • Quantity 1
    • Temperatures of use +20°C. ~ +120°C.
    • Set Up Degreased gently the print plate and apply Geko pad, pay attention to remove any bubbles with a plastic spatula. After insallation, rise temperature at about 80 ~ 100 ° C for 30 minutes. Let it cool down. Wait for the minimum curing time before use.
    • Curing times Minimum 24 hours - Best 48 hours.
    • Removal Turn the printing plate up to 80 ~ 100 ° C. Once up to temperature, lift a corner of Geko Pad and pull gently until complete removal. Cool down the plan. Remove any residual glue with solvent.
    • Precautions for use Being Gecko Pad by Gekofeeet© made of thermoplastic materials, it should NEVER be exposed to excessive heat (eg hot nozzle in direct contact) or to pressures that might affect or cause deformation of the surface.
    • Notes Gecko Pad by Gekofeet© is intended just to be applied to the print plate of FFF type 3D printers at the minimum and maximum temperatures ranges specified; any other use is not provided by the manufacturer.

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